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Way to Blue  performed by Nick Drake  1969
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Lovely, sombre song whose excellent string arrangement (no other backing is used) contributes greatly to its success.

from Five Leaves Left
available on CD - Way to Blue

Which Will  performed by Nick Drake  1972
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

A really quiet song, guitar tuned low, has a more traditionally folksy sound than other Drake tunes, which are pretty unique-sounding for the most part. But with his song it works well, and it's my favorite on this record.

from Pink Moon (Island)

Man In A Shed  performed by Nick Drake  1969
Recommended by Pal [profile]

It�s about ten years ago I heard Nick Drake for the first time, and I understood that the sixties were more than just Beatles and the Stones. Nick Drake has truly done an huge impact on me.

from Five Leaves Left, available on CD (Rykodisc)

Saturday Sun  performed by Nick Drake
Recommended by Sulku [profile]

Things Behind The Sun  performed by Nick Drake  1971
Recommended by Swinging London [profile]

Well, Nick Drake seems to be finally enjoying his place in the sun, fame & success-wise, even if: 'Fame is but a fruit tree, so very unsound'.

I first heard Nick Drake being played in a record shop in London. I thought it was '60's Donovan. Anyway, it wasn't & I bought the record and haven't looked back since.

Part of his non-success was due to his inabilty to come up with a hit single, or a single at all and this was still, to a large degree, a singles era.

I've often thought that this song, of all of his, could have been a single, given a slightly different treatment.

Anyway, it wasn't, but I love it very much and do think it's one of his catchiest, even though that's probably not the right word for anything by Nick Drake.

from Pink Moon (Island)
available on CD - Yes (Island)

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