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4 tracks performed by primal scream have been recommended.
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Come Together  performed by Primal Scream  1992
Recommended by claudiag [profile]

Fantastic electro-rock, perfect soundtrack to start a heavy clubbing week-end.

from Screamadelica (Emi)

Velocity Girl  performed by Primal Scream  1986
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

First heard on the NME C86 cassette which sort of defined mid 80's indie, and from well before Weatherall, 'Loaded' and samplers comes this gem. Less than 2 minutes long, Bobby Gillespie's sing song voice floats on top of super clean chiming guitars, no real verse/ chorus structure it just builds and leaves on the reverb off the guitar.

  30 Sep 02 ·G400 Custom: This comes from the 12-inch of 'Crystal Crescent' as I remember, which I think is a much better song: loads of brass, a bit like the Teardrop Explodes. For what it's worth, I despise 'Screamadelica' like few other albums. The band: bunch of muppet longhairs with guitars. The music: crusty dance shite. Didn't anyone notice the discrepancy? Conclusion: Primal Scream themselves had sod all to do with the making of the album, although they did appear on its follow-up. Which was also crap.
  02 Oct 02 ·n-jeff: Har, har. Get it off your chest, mate. I more or less disagree with all of that, but its not for me to criticise anyone for ranting.....
  24 Jun 03 ·shaka_klaus: hey! i like that song. but i think it's probably written by beattie/gillespie. beattie later had some adventures in stereo if i'm not terribly mistaken.
detroit  performed by primal scream  2002
Recommended by olli [profile]

insanely hard, pulsating fascist dance punk piece, easily the best song on primal scream`s uneven last album. features some mean distorted synthezisers, a gigantic bassline and some great, sneering vocals from Jim Reid of the jesus and mary chain. (am i the only one who has a problem with bobby gillespie`s singing voice?)i often find myself jumping around the house while listening to this.

from evil heat

the revenge of the hammond connection  performed by primal scream  2000
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

why can't primal scream do a record with songs like this one? organ drenched with girls chanting ye-ye-yeah! dance 'til you drop! some might say that primal scream peaked with screamadelica, i say hell no! even if screamadelica is a great record, possibly one of the hundred best albums from the last century...

from kill all hippies, available on CD (creation)

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