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(Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria  performed by Townes Van Zandt  1970
Recommended by andrew76 [profile]

This is (for me) one of the greatest songs of love ever written. The song describes the appearance of a goddess among women and is pure (if at times naive) poetry. The arrangement is simple lead and rhythm guitars and bass with an organ giving a more filled out feeling from the second verse and violin in the fourth. The tone is melancholy but happy, as if the singer is basking in the light of this most beautiful woman. It must have been written for someone, someone lucky to be thought so beautiful. But there is sadness in that the singer may be singing of his unrequited love. Some of the alliteration is fantastic too.

from Townes Van Zandt (Pppy Records CDGR 212), available on CD (Charly)

  11 Jan 07 ·booblikon: there is a great story in the documentary film "Be Here To Love Me", as told by Guy Clark: this song apparently came to Van Zandt in a particularly peak morning of inspiration, when Clark describes finding Townes uncharacteristically fit and alert. after making his bed to military specification, he played Clark a new song (this one), which he intended to perform at an appearance that same evening. i may have rendered parts of this story incorrectly, so i definitely recommend the movie if you are a fan; even if not, as it is sad but quite revelatory.
at my window  performed by townes van zandt  1968
Recommended by flange1515 [profile]

at my window  performed by townes van zandt  1968
Recommended by flange1515 [profile]

Really nice townes song lots of versions available from him

waiting around to die heartworn highway  performed by townes van zandt  1970
Recommended by flange1515 [profile]

from the documentary

Like A Summer Thursday  performed by Townes Van Zandt
Recommended by kkkerplunkkk [profile]

Beautiful sad country from the late great Townes. You can hear his depression filtering through his golden voice.

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