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That’s The End Of That  performed by Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike  1983
Composed by Mark Litten

Whenever I am accused of cynicism in my daily life, I just point to my deep and unabiding love for this ditty, which manages to out-twee even The Free Design. Cute-as-a-button girl vocals and light guitar make you want to drink squash and wear a hairslide.

from The Intimate Sound Of Trixie's Big Red Motorbike (Accident DENT 1)

  10 Mar 04 ·unathanthium: I climb in my tweemobile and Trixies soothe my nerves as I trundle through the London streets,smiling inanely at rage-fuelled motorists.In Timbuktu is the song that puts that smile there.When you go to Timbuktu,do as the Timbuktuans do,Trixies advise.And rhyming Niger with Tiger,even Ted Hughes never managed that.
  14 Jul 06 ·grimnir: an all-time classic! EXCELLENT! A typicallly-lush-John Peel type of track. AAHHHH! Summer and listening to Peel with the windows wide on a warm night. If anyone knows where to get more TBRM then post a reply.
Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes  performed by Betty Davis  1973
Composed by Betty Davis

Can't fault this entire album, but this wins by a shade as my favourite. This is the sound of those very shoes being stabbed into your face, and you being grateful.

from Betty Davis (Just Sunshine JSS-5), available on CD (Just Sunshine)

Devil, Devil, Go Away  performed by Little Marcy  1973
Composed by Hal Spencer

Ever felt there was a hole in your life that only a religious ventriloquist's dummy could fill? Then look no further. One of pop's bona-fide eccentrics, Marcy Tigner, voices Little Marcy in a thoroughly winsome way. The song, nay the whole album, encourages all young children to renounce the devil. However, if the devil were to see the scarily-bad drawing of Little Marcy on the cover, he would correctly deduce that no child is likely to listen to the ravings of a freaky end-of-the-pier doll voiced by an even stranger adult woman.

"Marcy wants you all to know how happy she is singing songs about Jesus" relate the sleevenotes. And, gee Marcy, we sure are glad to hear them!

Please don't think I recommended this song simply to mock it. I genuinely think it's a priceless piece of recorded gold and am more than pleased this site, and the world, is big enough to accommodate special talents like that of Marcy Tigner.

Out of Waco, Texas.

from Happy Am I (Word K-721)

  26 Apr 04 ·olli: aah, little marcy. i find her oddly touching. i adore the effect where the guitar seems to be meowing on "i love little pussy", it makes the song even more appealing than the questionable lyrics. "guitar festival of gospel songs" by little marcy's guitarist, bob summers is the current downloadable album over at right now, by the way. snatch it while you can!
I Don�t Need A Doctor  performed by Sheila B. Devotion  1977
Composed by M. Wickfield / P. Racer / P. Forest / Copperman

Ah, Sheila, resplendent in her purple sequined hotpants, is having such a good time on the cover of this record with her tight-trousered pals. And so she might - for her group have made a blinding record.

She's in love, you see, and it's making her feel ill (not sleeping, sweating etc.) but this is "good" and all the disco nation roars in approval.

Perfect chirpy pop music for everyone.

from Singin' In The Rain (Carrere EMC 3236)

So Stylistic  performed by Fannypack  2003
Composed by M. Gois / K. Grady

Looking at these three girls on the cover of their album (and the two shadowy, deadly-dull string-pulling guys on the inside) you'd never think that something so chock-full of bubblegum Brooklyn attitood could produce the smart, sexy sound that is this marvellous track.

It's class in a glass. Sidestepping the cuteness factor and packaged cool (both of which, to their credit, they also do very well) of other tracks on the album, So Stylistic bombs along with a real old-skool hip-hop feel. This is balanced nicely by more than a smattering of electropop and gratuitous use of the vocoder, making it seem relentlessly contemporary. This is a band so up-to-date that they don't bother sampling any of that old jazz or funk nonsense, but go straight for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (on Things, another album highlight).

A rare example of a band manufactured down to the last pendant and all the better for it.

from So Stylistic (Tommy Boy TBEU-1577-2), available on CD

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