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Straighten Up And Fly Right  performed by DeJohn Sisters  1958
Composed by Nat Cole-Mills

Novelty pop from two American sisters of Italian origin. About their teachers telling them off after a visit to the zoo (?!). Their portrayal of authority figures is very like that in Charlie Brown - "wha wha wha whaaa....".

from the single Straighten Up And Fly Right (Sunbeam S-106)

Frank Mills  performed by Sandie Shaw  1970
Composed by Ragni / Rado / MacDermot / Unknown

Always one of my favourites from Hair for its cutie-pie quality. I think it encapsulates a certain kind of teenage girl, forward but fickle, scared but full of bravado. And that's very unusual for a song to do; the complexity of pubescent girls is very rarely explored without titillation and / or simplicity.

Sandie, hardly a teen herself at 23, nevertheless gives this a very beautiful interpretation in French. Her accent to me sounds good but what do I know, I can barely manage "la plume de ma tante".

Good accompaniment arranged by her long-time collaborator Ken Woodman.

from Pourvu Que Ca Dure (EMI 7243 5 91576 2 7), available on CD

  17 Feb 05 ·Kevinattheabbey: There is now an English version available of Sandie's 'Frank Mills' (previously unreleased). It's on 'Reviewing The Situation' (EMI 7243 8 66108 2 9) Also has a great cappella version of Paul McCartneys 'Junk' on it.
Typing Pool  performed by Pam and the Paper Clips  1980
Composed by Roger & Nigel Planer

Who? It's a question I've been asking since I got this 45 as a birthday gift.

A bored admin assistant - "nobody cares for you when you're stuck in the typing pool" - bemoans her position in a squeaky voice. Our narrator intimately knows the concerns of every office worker - "Ere, gotta take a break, it's only twelve o'clock and I'm starving!". Belongs stylistically with Tracey Ullman's first album.

Purveyors of useless facts may wish to know that this was co-written by Nigel Planer, star of the 80's British sitcom The Young Ones.

from the single Typing Pool (EMI EMI 5015)

Call Me Irresponsible  performed by Bobby Darin  1964
Composed by Sammy Cahn / James Van Heusen

Bobby Darin - truly one of the smoothest singers the US has ever produced, and there's nothing that showcases this pop-cabaret style like his tenure at Capitol. A singer of great versatility, he swings effortlesly on this album, having great technique and even greater rhythmic feel.

Call Me Irresponsible, something of a standard really, is my favourite. Darin's vocals make you fall in love with his irresponsible, unreliable, unpredictable charm. Accompanied by finger clickin' good Richard Wess big-band sounds. Wow. Whatta man.

from From Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie (Capitol T2194)
available on CD - Oh! Look At Me Now / From Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie (Capitol)

My Suitor  performed by Berntholer  1984
Composed by Simon Rigot / Drita Kotaji

Rediscovered this as I was uploading an audio clip for Belle Epoque (this is next alphabetically in my 45's).

I can't work out whether this is joyous or heartbreaking. It eats into the very soul of you when you hear it. My, that sounds dramatic - different from my usual carping. Tinkles on the piano break up the dense atmosphere herein and get you into the claustrophobic world of singer Drita.

Stands alone in 1984. Nothing else sounded anything like it.

from the single My Suitor (Blanco Y Negro NEG 5)

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