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Blues Jumped A Rabbit  performed by Bonnie Dobson  196?
Composed by Brownie McGhee / Bonnie Dobson

Not usually a great folk lover but this has such a beauty to it. In terms of texture its flawless, swinging between the fluctuating notes of Dobson and two guitars. A very pure sound darkened in a positive way by Dobson's lyrical treatments.

Certainly one to put on if you wake up in the middle of the night.

from Dear Companion (Prestige 14007)

The Lively Ones  performed by Mel Henke  1962
Composed by Mel Henke

The opener to a wonderful album. Picture yourself in whipped cream (and other delights), sipping on a vodka-martini that's just been served to you by a pretty person in a toga. That's how this record feels.

When the first line of a tune is "Man...what a body..." (and it's not R. Kelly or one of his sloppy ilk singing it) you know you're in for an exotica treat.

from La Dolce Henke (Warner Brothers Unknown), available on CD (Warner Brothers)

Fire  performed by Etta James  1967
Composed by Willie Dixon

The unmistakeable Etta. My favourite of her 60's rock-soul belters (and one of the lesser-played ones; I was surprised when it didn't even make it onto the Etta Chess box set), recorded when she had a drug habit that would make Keith Moon blush. I ended a DJ set with this song and the reaction was phenomenal.

from the single Fire (Cadet 5620)
available on CD - Tell Mama: The Complete Muscle Shoals Sessions (Chess)

Lullaby  performed by Krzysztof Komeda & Mia Farrow  1968
Composed by Krzysztof Komeda

And I am not just including this because it is from Rosemary's Baby, my very favourite film of all time. Well, maybe I am a little - the opening credits where Polanski guides us over the rooftops of the Bramford while Mia murmurs her "la la la"s sets up perfectly the movie heaven that is to come.

Actors usually make a hash of singing (and, of course, vice versa - Bjork is great in Dancer In The Dark but that's all I can come up with), although I've heard that Cybil Shepherd makes a decent stab. But Mia can't fail to impress with her innocent singing voice, keeping in the character of Rosemary even though she doesn't speak a word in this song. Komeda maintains his usual atmospheric wonder, with the sort of piano based joy that gave such a fruitful relationship with Polanski's films.

Lots of others have had a pop at this, usually with some degree of success as the melody is so strong (discounting a dodgy metal version of it by some chancers whose name escapes me). My favourites are Hugo Montenegro's (on Good Vibrations) and Claudine Longet's lyric-added version, Sleep Safe And Warm.

from Rosemary's Baby (Dot DLP 25875), available on CD (Dot)

  03 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: I love this too! It seems to pull the whole movie into a class of it's own. I've been trying to find the Claudine Longet version for years!
No Brakes On My Roller Skates  performed by Hot Skates 3000  2003
Composed by Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin under a briefly fashionable electroclash pseudonym. Our Germanic techno-soul diva sonically revisits and updates her underrated Electribe 101 days for a foray into what almost becomes disco metal. This quirky 12" is on lurid pink vinyl, and features a blistering remix by her old mate Mark Moore (of S-Express fame) on the B-side.

from 12" single (Disco Activisto DAREC001)

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