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You Can�t Win  performed by Ann Sexton  1974
Composed by Smalls

Absolute beauty. A soulful chastisement about not winning, not breaking even, and not getting out of the game. Vocals as pure as morphine from the poppy, and just as hedonistically addictive.

This stunning Southern soul platter features virtuoso brass and drums, as well as what is possibly the only acceptable squealing electric guitar riff in recorded music.

I love this song so damn much.

from the single You Can�t Win (Seventy-Seven Records SP 2136)
available on CD - You're Gonna Miss Me (Charly)

That�s Not Love  performed by Dee Dee Warwick  1969
Composed by Ed Townsend / Dee Dee Warwick

Dionne's lil' sister, in contrast to her sibling's restrained niceties, proves what a gorgeous, wholesome howl she has in a track voluminous with vehemence and the hope of joy hereafter. Warwick travels effortlessly between poles of frustration and hope over the underdone orchestration (a compliment: if the backing was as heartfelt as Dee Dee we'd be wading into Celine Dion territory).

And, in the age of Eamon and his bleep-a-ramas, it's deeply satisfying to hear a word such as "damn" being expressed as if it were the nastiest expletive possible.

from the single That�s Not Love (Mercury 72927)
available on CD - I Want To Be With You: The Mercury / Blue Rock Sessions (Hip-O)

Dude [Remix]  performed by Beenie Man featuring Ms. Thing & Shawnna  2004
Composed by Dave Kelly

In a stupid pop mood tonight, egged on by seeing the recent McFly recommendation. The sun finally came out over South Yorkshire today too, which is probably what's making me think of this enthusiastic pop-reggae workout. I really click with this, despite the OTT misogynistic lyrics, Beenie Man's homophobia and the general rubbishness of most of his back catalogue (that which I've heard, anyway).

Ms. Thing doesn't really do much to shut Beenie and his sexist mouth up, but at least Shawnna has a but more life to her which is why I'm recommending this remix with her rap on.

The video's cute too, especially where Beenie, Thing, Shawnna and various cronies do a ridiculous trot-dance at the end.

from Dude CD Single (Virgin VUSDX282), available on CD

  22 Apr 04 ·Issie: I totally agree - it's a very good song!
  22 Apr 04 ·olli: he he. "stupid pop mood". i like that.
The Classical  performed by The Fall  1981
Composed by Mark E Smith / Karl Burns / Craig Scanlon / Step

Message for yer! Message for yer!

My theory is that everyone seriously into music has time for The Fall. They're just too superlative - in places - not to give them massive amounts of respect.

I have no problem with being a selective Fall fan, and probably err too much to "the Brix Years" for serious Mark E Smith hardcases. I love the early to middle period and The Classical, for me, is the absolute pinnacle of their acheivements. A parity of stupidity and - er, classicality - it marries the phrasing genius of Smith with one of the very best group line-ups in their 27 year career.

So what if MES is a toothless old git now? So what if they haven't released an album of worth in many a year? So what if their back catalogue is being shamelessly exploited by various low-rent record labels? They are one of the biggest unacknowledged influences on British music today and it's time they got the props they are worthy of.

from Hex Enduction Hour (Kamera KAM 005), available on CD

Go To Hell  performed by Nina Simone  1967
Composed by Morris Bailey Jr.

I went to a funeral today, which is never going to be the most pleasant way of spending time. However, it was a humanist service and, as such, an appropriate and touching way to remember the individual concerned. Music was played, including Why? by The Communards: a great thing. Not neccessarily a brilliant song, but a very unusual choice.

Of course, events like this spark everyone off thinking and talking about their own fitting ends. I nominate this; a bit of Nina would be great at a funeral. I love the black farce of this track, and what a great piece of final gallows humour to play a song about hell as the curtains close around your coffin in the crematorium.

from Silk & Soul (RCA SP-3837)
available on CD - Nina Simone And Piano! / Silk & Soul (Camden Deluxe)

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