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Chain Reaction  performed by Don Ellis  1972
Composed by Hank Levy

Don Ellis is a often overlooked trumpeter/bandleader. His style of jazz was most well recieved in CA, and he's most famous for his Fillmore appearances opening for people like Janis Joplin and Frank Zappa. This is a demonstration of his prowess and his ability to construct an amazing band, and take them to new heights. Recorded hot on the heels of his French Connection score, and more than a decade into his career.

The piece is a sprawling morphilogical journey, full of orchestral passages and time/tempo changes, and blissful rests. He utilizes an "Electric String Quartet", which, through the magic of studio production, sounds like a full string ensemble! Making the wole track just bristle with dark energy.

Produced by the great Teo Macero, who had been doing great work at Columbia for a long time. He did some stuff with Ramsey Lewis around the same time, as well as Miles Davis. This record also has a great version of his "French ConnectionTheme" and really entertaining versions of "Alone Again (Naturally)" & Yes's "Roundabout"!

from Connection (Columbia KC 31766)

Stingray  performed by Claus Ogerman  196?
Composed by C. Ogerman

A great kind of euro-surf discoteque tune. Trobbing percussion and a cool snakey guitar. Claus did a lot of these "Brass-ploitation" LP's for RCA in the mid sixtes. Some surf, latin , and a really cool soul one that i've been trying to track down. Very solid stuff from one of the best arrangers ever!

from Watusi Trumpets (RCA SPRS 6115)

Lost In Paradise  performed by Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66�  1970
Composed by Caetano Veloso

This is not so much my favorite B-66' tune as my favorite Gracinha Leporace tune. She sang for Bossa Rio as well as Edu Lobo some rarer solo outings. It's a cover of a great Caetano Veloso tune from an earlier LP. Unfamiliar as I am with the original I can't compare the two, but as far as how out it is for Sergio is without saying. The whole thing sounds really compressed and blissed out, way more soulful than a lot of his earlier stuff, it just drives forward and backward undulating...

Just a beautiful vocal performance, totally solo with chorus overdubs just to fill it out... Gorgeous!

from Stillness (A&M KC 31766), available on CD (A&M)

  17 Jul 03 ·bobbyspacetroup: I'm in total agreement on this one. Stillness and Crystal Illusions are probably my favorite Mendes records, and this track is definitely a stand-out. Great recommendation.
Sugartown  performed by Les Miladys  196?
Composed by Hazelwood

While miss boot's version isn't as sugary as I want it to be, this one succeeds. It starts off with the three singers giggling like the Powerpuff Girls tickling each other, and leads into the verses cooed in french, only to swing into harmonies on the chorus. The backing is like a tinkling country stroll in candy land... Very Charming.

The trio is Canadian, I believe. I tried to get the original for ages on ebay before I found this tasteful reissue from Gear Fab. I picked it up for the great scat number "Jazz A Go-Go", but this track is great for fans of Lee & Nancy and french pop.

from Les Miladys (Gear Fab (Reissue) RGF003A)

Something  performed by Chet Baker  1970
Composed by Harrison

One of the more overdone of the Harrison tunes, brought to life by one of most understated jazz singers ever. This one always gets me, and I often prefer it to the original for it's pure poignancy. By this time in Chet's career he's not batting a thousand, but this whole album is pretty entertaining. It has a funky version of "Vehicle" and a fantastic version of "Come Saturday Morning"!

from Blood,Chet And Tears (Verve V6-8798)

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