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Rest in Peace  performed by Chad & Jeremy  196?
Composed by Chad Stuart

An amazing trippy piece of social commentary, from their genius concept LP. The opening track, and it goes all over the place with this completely mad arrangement by Chad Stuart, and produced by Gary Usher (of "Pet Sounds" fame). The track seems to pertain to mortality, and the sad truth of time and the forgotten... It sets the tone for the whole album, which seems inspired by atmosphere of the time, when singles were exchanged for huge concept pieces, more likely due to the success of "Sgt. Peppers" and the like, but taking a much more delightfully cynical view! A sometimes overlooked part of the britpop puzzle, Chad and Jeremy are full of surprises.

from Of Cabbages & Kings (Columbia CS 5471 CS 5471 CS 5471), available on CD (Columbia)

Balance of Nature  performed by Burt Bacharach  1973
Composed by Burt Bacharach

What a great song! Burt's a heavy hitter on these pages, as you can tell I'm sure. There is something magical when he sings, maybe it's because he seems to humble the incredible songs he writes, or that he works with the best singers to walk the earth. Here is Burt at his best, in a spare setting with a strolling rhythm and paced piano chords, almost like he's singing to you across a smoky piano bar. The song conveys a simple truth, and almost makes it seem like a gospel, that nature continues unabated despite human trials and tribulations... How true.

A hard LP to get your hands on it seems. But worth the wait!

from Living Together (A&M SP 3527)

Les Girls  performed by Dan Terry Orchestra & Chorus  1969
Composed by Bill Byers

Man! You really have to get up early in the morning to find tracks like this. LA big band funk, banks of brass, electric bass throbbing away, and the hard hitting Jimmy Gordon on drums! But the best part is the vocals, done it a way that makes it sound like an Odeon recording from late 60's Brazil!... Stunning. The rest of the LP is no slouch either though, and reminds me a lot of Quincy's late 60's work and the Project 3 era Enoch Light stuff.

Highly recommended to lounge DJ's and fans of mod rarities.

from Lonely Place (Happy Tiger MT 1005)

98.6  performed by Keith  1967
Composed by G.Fischoff/T.Powers

This record always raises my temperature. Honest, charming, and always a delight to hear. The same chemistry that Burt Bacharach crafted comes across here without pretension or compromise. Great mix of loungey now sound and blue eyed soul. A timeless classic, and it doesn't stop there!

from Keith 98.6/I Ain't Gonna Lie (Mercury SR 61102/MG 21002)

  08 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: Have you ever noticed how similar the intro sounds to the tune of 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'? The 'B' side to this song, 'The Teeny Bopper Song' is also very groovy.
  17 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: This was the song that turned me on to Keith, I also have "Daylight Savin' Time" which is excellent as well. His producer Jerry Ross apparently added some jazzy elements to his arrangements.
Cowboy  performed by Neon Philharmonic  1968
Composed by Tupper Saussy & Don Gant

A great song that almost defies explanation. Suffice it to say there is a lot of the WB influence here. An incredible mix of young male melodrama and orchestral excess, but as genuine as it gets. I read mixed reviews of Don Gants voice from most people when they hear this album, but if he nails it, it's on this track for me, no question. The more I listen to this stuff the more timeless it becomes. My favorite line : "I turned on the today show and wished it was yesterday..."

from The Moth Confesses (Warner Brothers WS 1769), available on CD (Warner Brothers)

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