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Pula Yetla  performed by Letta Mbulu  196?
Composed by Caiphus Semenya

Great stuff from a young Letta Mbulu. Her first recording, and with the good company of H.B. Barnum & David Axelrod, is a stunner. This is my favorite track from the LP. It's almost in a Mystic Moods kind of mode, with a thunderstorm recording used for effect, it may have something to do with the lyrics, but since she sings in Xhosa, I have no idea. Her voice is strong and smooth, at times she sounds influenced by Nina Simone, but on this one she is more in a traditional mode. The backing is great Axlerod, with his strong soul-jazz-rock crossover, much like he did for Lou Rawls during this period. Highly recommended for fans of heavier african grooves.

from Letta Mbulu Sings (Capitol ST 2874)

The Letter  performed by The Arbors  196?
Composed by W.C. Thompson

Man! Out of all the dollar-bin records i've bought in the last six months this one takes the prize. Amazing vocal pop ala' Harpers Bizarre or The Vogues, but more like the latter, due to the sheer genius production and selection of material.

This is a song by the great Box Tops that gets played all over your local "oldies" radio station, only made more superior with better production and beat. It has that misty sunshine appeal of HB, with cooed almost whispered verses, but then takes it higher with their own trademark choir-loft harmonies and effects. It supersedes the original by a longshot, bringing together sly shuffles and baroque arcs of genius.

The album has too many great versions to mention, but look for a review on their version of The Doors "Touch Me" coming soon, with a clip.

A must for fans of HB, Classics IV, Association, Cyrkle etc.

from The Arbors (Date TES 4017)

  25 Jul 04 ·delicado: yeah, this one has been on my list to recommend for a while. Superb stuff!
  18 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: I used to hear this song back in the early 70's, I didn't know who it was back then but it did get airplay. This group's first hit I really like and recommend, it's called "Symphony for Susan" and came out in 1966.
Baroon Hill  performed by Pacific  1989
Composed by Robbs

Ok. This one came outa the closet for a little spin. Love this... One of the few records in the Creation catalog that no one talks about, let alone knows of. I think it slipped under the radar for a few reasons. For one, it sounds like almost nothing else on the label at the time. To me it sounds like a cross between Shellyan Orphan & New Order... Maybe with a little Housemartins at times. Super smooth symphonic electro with boy-girl vocals, and maudlin lyrics with super-anglo underpinnings (with a japanese spoken word bit as well!). To me it seems like the whole thing should have come out on Factory Records in like 84', then it would have been noticed a bit more. Even the cover makes it look like a Durutti Column release.

If you are a fan of the aforementioned seek out a copy before they are all gone.

from Inference (Creation CRELP 087 1989)

  22 Nov 05 ·moondog: Great track off an album that, like you said, sounded like nothing else on the creation label. I wonder what happened to them ? I think the closest comparision would be Pale Fountains "Pacific Street" but i guessed you have heard that.
  24 Nov 05 ·konsu: I did attempt some research on these people a long time ago but didn't get too far. Someone I asked once said something about a Housemartins connection, which made sense to me at first (thus the mention), but I've since given up on the idea. Sure would like to find another release by them though.
Far East Blues  performed by Henry Mancini  196?
Composed by Henry Mancini

Here's Mancini at his moodiest, really digging deep for an eastern-meets-baroque vibe. With banks of silky brass, dreamy flute, harpsichord and marimba! Such a master of color and image, right down to the gong strike at the end, fabulous! Part of an often overlooked LP that details sides he recorded during some of his famous soundtrack sessions, utilizing the talents of his many players at the time. A must for the Man-fan!

from Dream of You (RCA CAS 2510)

Long Way Down  performed by Jimmie Spheeris  1971
Composed by Lee Calvin Nicoli

Found this sealed copy at a local thriftery, an artist i've never heard from a good period at Columbia. Most of the LP meanders in a poetic way, highlighting Spheeris's moody lyrics, sometimes getting a little too "drippy" at times. This track stands out like a champ from the rest, and was penned by a sideman on the LP, Lee Calvin Nicoli. It has such a great pop appeal, in a sort of Cat Stevens way, with a brilliant arrangement (by the author no doubt), that moves along bouncing and resting... A perfect song for a rainy sunday afternoon!

Seems this fellow died very young, and has quite a cult following from what i've read. Should be a nice discovery for fans of 70's folk. And singer-songwriter stuff.

from Isle of View (Columbia C 30988), available on CD (Columbia)

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