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Pacific 202  performed by Acid Brass (The Williams Fairey Brass Band)  1997
Composed by 808 state/a guy called gerald

Theres something beautifully melancholic about the best British (Early) house music, and of course, theres nothing quite as melancholy as a Brass Band. I haven't heard the whole LP, but this track off teh 12 inch single brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.

Whoever it was that thought of doing this cover was a genius, I'm sure they thought it would be solid cheese, but instead its one of those moments of inspirational magic. I'd love to hear their version of "Strings of Life".

from Acid Brass 12 (Blast First)
available on CD - Acid Brass

Nothing Shaking  performed by Eddie Fontaine  195?

Another song I heard John Peel play a long time ago, possibly THE BEST ROCKABILLY SONG EVER. And now I finally have it on single.
It starts with a clicky little riff for one bar, then the piano trill, then the ascending twang "bum-bum-bum-bum" And the full Rockabilly thing kicks in. Ringing twanging guitars, it stops and starts, stutters and hiccups, a great vocal of teen angst.
"Ain't nothing shaking but the leaves on the trees"

from The BEst of Chess Checker and Cadet Rockabilly

final solution  performed by pere ubu  1976

This early single starts off in quite an unpromising way, the sound is quite dry and sparse. Bass and drums, David Thomas muttering teen angst semi audibly in a style that hadn't quite developed into the strange sing song delivery that became his trademark.

"The girls won't touch me cos I got a ". What was that, what?

As it progresses the volume picks up until the final chorus where Thomas is screaming and the guitars start thrashing, then it finishes on a guitar solo that I swear J. Mascis based his entire career on, wah wah squealing on the edge of feedback, while the rest of the band just seem to be lifted into a noisy stratosphere.

I heard for the first time in 10 years last week, and it was breathtaking.

from the single final solution (Rough Trade)

hello walls  performed by Faron Young  196?
Composed by Willie Nelson

Probably the most chipper song of heartbreak I've ever heard. Young takes Willie Nelsons melancholy words, adds a bouncy beat, cheesy call and response chorus and that delightful early sixties country and western sound.

"Hello Walls"

"Hellooo, Helloo"
Along with his very fruity delivery it just makes this song sheer genius. Yet another song I first heard on the late John Peels show. And an unexpected example of why he was such a great DJ.

Redemption Song  performed by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer  2003
Composed by Bob Marley

Three dead men. An acoustic guitar and two dead mens voices sing a dead mans song.
I play this to make grown men weep at the end of the evening.
It was included in the cd box set that American recordings put out after Johnny Cash died. Fortunatly for me someone has cherry picked that set and bootlegged the results onto more playable and affordable vinyl. Although I suspect there are many more songs I'd love in that set, this one I knew would work so well.

from The devils right hand

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