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  2 FEB 2004
 #1  Arjan  2000 JUL
 #2  Arjan  2001 MAR
 1994 - When Music Came Back Into Music  Moritz  2002 FEB
 American Music  Alan  2001 OCT
 Another Surge - Serge Gainsbourg 1958-1976  2!  Larry  2002 JAN
 Asian Pop Adventures* / Marais & Miranda - Go Native  Moritz S   Martin* C  2001 SEP
 Atom The Bomb  Keith  2002 MAY
 Bacharach  Moritz  2001 JUL
 Basic Hip at the movies  Giovanni S   Basic Hip C  2003 FEB
 Best of Annette  Moritz S   Brian Karasick C  2002 JAN
 Best of Bollywood - Vol 1: Rahul Dev Burman  Marco  2000 APR
 Beyond Shanghai  2!  William  2001 MAY
 Biba Nova  Sarah  2003 OCT
 The Big Hurt / Milton Delugg  Jerry  2001 FEB
 Those Boots...  Cheryl  2001 JUL
 Bossa Nova 2001  Mark  2001 MAR
 Brain in a jewel box  Lou  2001 APR
 Brain Melting Dub Psychdelicatessen  Moritz  2004 JAN
 Andre Brasseur - Special-230  Johan  2003 AUG
 Brave Combo  Vern  2000 AUG
 Brazil  Keith  Robert Norman C  2000 DEC
 Brazil 2  Bump  2002 APR
 Brazilectrotiki  Cheryl  2002 JAN
 Brel 2002 - 22 Great Tracks by Jacques Brel  Marco  2002 JAN
 Brit Funk  Charles M  2000 APR
 Brother Cleve Mix  Cheryl  Brother Cleve C  2001 FEB
 Bump's BraziLatino Au Go-Go  Bump  2001 APR
 Cannot Become Obsolete #2  Vern  2002 FEB
 Cannot Become Obsolete #4  Vern  2002 FEB
 Cannot Become Obsolete #5  Vern  2002 FEB
 Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard  Allan  2003 AUG
 The Captain's VocalEsque Field Trip  Mark  2001 MAR
 25 Caravans  Philip S   ? C  2000 APR
 Case Study: Caravan  Ross  2000 MAY
 Hugo del Carril - El Señor de Tango  Moritz  2003 DEC
 George Cates - Polynesian Percussion / Martin Denny - The Enchanted Isle  Ross  2000 JUN
 Clark Kent's secret identity  Alan  2000 SEP
 The Clash - Uncut and Covered  Vern  2004 JAN
 Club Tokyo  William  2000 MAY
 Cocktail Seduction  Vern  2001 FEB
 Comedian Harmonists - Ihre liebsten Lieder  Moritz  2003 DEC
 Pascal Comelade: l'argot du bruit  Cheryl  2001 JUL
 The Coqui Lounge Happy Hour Montage - Vol 1 T  Charles R  2000 MAY
 Country for your Car  Jerry  2001 JUL
 Cowboy Bebop  2!  William  2002 JAN
 Cry me a river - Vols 1 & 2 & 3  Giovanni S   Nicolò Neri C  2002 JAN
 Cugi's Cocktails & Prado's Patricia  Ton  2002 JAN
 Culls: The Captain's Giveaway Update  2!  Mark  2002 MAR
 Dark Eyes  Vern  2001 FEB
 Sammy Davis Jr: "Thank you Blood, Sweat and Tears"  Alan  2003 MAR
 Martin Denny - Favorites (Kevdo's Exotica)  Ton S   Kevin C  2001 APR
 Dieingly Sad: A Musical Coma  Alan  2001 JAN
 Dig it & Surfs up! T  Cheryl  2000 FEB
 Dimension: Noir  Ross  2000 MAY
 DJ Neoguri's Crazy Luau* / Smoothness Above All Else  Brad S   Trevor Rigler* C  2000 DEC
 Domenic in 3-D  Domenic  2003 MAR
 Doubtful Guests  Allan  2004 JAN
 Dreary Village* / The melody remains the same  2!  Brad S   Trevor Rigler* C  2001 AUG
 Dustbin compilation - Vol 1 T  Nathan  2000 MAR
 Dustbin compilation - Vol 3 T  Nathan  2000 AUG ?
 The Dutch Connection - Eclectic Sounds from the Low Lands  Marco  2000 JUN
 An Easy Groove  Mark  2000 APR
 Easy Paludi! - Assorted grooviness for the easy-minded G  Giovanni  2000 MAR
 Eat To Live / Pepperbox  2!  Philip  2001 APR
 Eigen Weg - The music of Fay Lovsky  2!  Ton  2001 JUL
 Ethiopiques / Deep Soul  2!  Arjan  2001 SEP
 An Excercise in Frugality  Ron  2000 SEP
 Exotica!  Ben  2000 MAR
 Exotica for Advanced Listeners  Moritz  2001 JUL
 Exotica Ring #1 T CD (2)  Lou  2000 MAR
 Exotica Ring #2 T CD (2)  Lou  2000 MAR
 Exotica Ring #3 T CD (2)  Lou  2000 MAR
 Exoticaring CD #1  Larry  2000 MAR
 The Exoticatapes set 1: the Ben Waugh tapes T  Giovanni S   Ben Waugh C  2002 AUG
 The Exoticatapes set 2: the Exoticapals tapes T  Giovanni S   three pals C  2002 AUG
 Exotic Atmospheric Love Rythms  2!  Mark  2001 NOV
 Fantastica #05  Johan  2001 JAN
 Fantastica #06 G  Johan  2001 JAN
 Fantastica #09  Johan  2001 FEB
 Fantastica #12  Johan  2001 APR
 Fantastica #13  Johan  2001 JAN
 Fantastica #15  Johan  2001 APR
 Fantastica #17  Johan  2001 FEB
 Fantastica #39  Johan  2001 JAN
 Fantastica #62  Johan  2001 NOV
 Fear and loathing - Vol 1 G  Peter R  2000 JUL
 Fear and loathing - Vol 2  Peter R  2001 MAR
 Fever in a bottle  Alan  2002 FEB
 My flowers talk  2!  William  2001 MAY
 The Friday night vibe set 1  Giovanni  2002 JUL
 The Friday night vibe set 2  Giovanni  2002 JUL
 Friends - Vols 1 & 2  Moritz  2001 FEB
 Fundamental Freakout! T  Cheryl  Ben Waugh C  2002 MAR
 Futureworld  Ross  2001 JUL
 The Gift - John Zorn Live  Lou  2003 MAY
 Groove me, honey  Giovanni  2001 MAY
 Guantanamelon - 20 Tasty Tracks  Marco  2002 JAN
 Hammonds and Drum Machines  Vern  2002 MAY
 Happiness Cocktails  Jerry  2000 FEB
 Happiness is... a screwed-up mess (bathtub surfing)  Alan  2001 JAN
 Happy New Wave - Vol 1: 7 Inches of Fun (New Wave Exotica Trilogy)  2!  Bump  2001 MAR
 Happy New Wave - Vol 2: 12 Inches of Fun (New Wave Exotica Trilogy)  Bump  2001 MAY
 Hardboiled Wonderland - Vol 1  William  2000 OCT
 Hardboiled Wonderland - Vol 2  William  2000 DEC
 Hawaii Five-0  Kevin  2003 AUG
 Hawaya / Nature Boy T (Exotica Tape #4) CD (2)  Lou  2000 JUL
 Heavenly - Ferrante & Teicher / Bermuda - The Talbot Brothers  Keith  2001 APR
 Highlights of a Century  Vern  2002 AUG
 House of the Rising Sun - Vols 1 & 2  Moritz  2002 FEB
 House on Hernia Hill  Larry  2001 MAR
 If I'd Shot You When I Met You...I'd Be Out Of Jail By Now  Sarah  2003 JUN
 International Postage  Allan  2004 JAN
 I put a spell on you - A Nina Simone compilation  Domenic  2003 MAY
 (Kevdo's) Island Christmas  Kevin  2003 MAR
 Jazz Calligraphy  Johan  2002 NOV
 The joy of vocal groups  Ton S   Jonny Perl C  2002 JAN
 Juicy on the inside  William  2000 DEC
 Jungle Romance  Ton S   Magnus C  2001 FEB
 Yoko Kanno  2!  William  2003 JAN
 Eartha Kitt - The Daisy Duck of wet dreams  Domenic  2003 MAY
 K-omp  Keith  2000 JUN
 Krautrock Au-Go-Go  Allan  2003 OCT
 Lao kou kou G  William  2000 AUG
 Larry's Dance Party  Larry  2000 MAY
 Larry's Rock CD G  Larry  2000 JUL
 The Late Late Show  Mark  2000 MAY
 Latinesque! -or- A Tico for Every Tico  Keith  2000 JUN
 Ed Lincoln and his spectacular organ and piano  Geoff  2003 JUL
 Living It Up The Audio Learning Laboratory  2!  Philip  2000 JUN
 Locomotive / 7-Inch Peopleism  Magnus  2001 AUG
 Lollipops, Kisses, Cocktails and Pop  Ben  2000 NOV
 Lord Buckley Two-Pack  Lou  2003 OCT
 Lounge Party Cabaret  Mark  2000 AUG
 Love and maple syrup  Alan  2001 APR
 Love on the cheap T CD  Ton  2001 MAR
 Love on the cheap 2: Secret love  Ton  2002 OCT
 Love on the cheap 3: Summer in Düsseldorf  Ton  2003 JUL
 Love on the cheap 4: The Lonely Bull  Ton  2003 NOV
 Lunar Probe  Giovanni S   Jack Diamond C  2003 JAN
 Lupin the third  William  2001 MAR
 Magnus' 60s Rock Comp  Magnus  2001 NOV
 The many moods and broods of Scott Walker  Bump  2001 MAR
 Martinis with Mancini  Ton S   Domenic C  2002 JUN
 Mcarthur Park  Alan  2001 MAY
 Miserlou Miscellany  Vern  2001 FEB
 Moi non plus: The music of Serge Gainsbourg  Marco  2001 MAY
 Hugo Montenegro - The Quadfather  Keith  2002 MAY
 Moog Soop - Vol 1 G  Keith  2000 SEP
 Moog Soop - Vol 2: Moog Power  Keith  2000 SEP
 Phil Moore Sampler  Magnus  2001 NOV
 Mr. T rules, fool - An exquisite exoticaring corpse  All  2003 MAY
 Music to defrag by  Ton S   Cary Madden C  2002 OCT
 Musique pour Ton  Cheryl  2003 JAN
 Musique television française  Moritz  2002 OCT
 The Mysterious Mountain  2!  Magnus  2001 APR
 Naked Bubblegum  2!  Vern  2001 NOV
 Nat's Doggie Breakfast T G  Alan  2000 MAR
 New Cool Collective T  Ton  2000 JUN
 New Jazzy Lounge  2!  Moritz  2002 JAN
 New Thing  Larry  2001 MAY
 New "Traditional" Artists  Domenic  2003 APR
 A Night At The Didjeridoo  Philip  2002 NOV
 Non-stop bubble  Alan  2002 JUL
 Not Cinematic  Alan  2002 FEB
 Not just rhythm and melody - The genius of Peter Sellers  Giovanni  2003 AUG
 Now...sound  Larry  2000 MAY
 An Ocean of Violets  Peter R  2003 JUN
 Orange you glad you love exotica  Vern  2000 MAR
 Out with a bang  Bump S   Larry C  2002 FEB
 The Package T (5) now: The Mystery Abound Package MP3 (2002 DEC)  Ton S   Bump C   now: Peter R  2000 MAR
 Pam's housewarming party  Jerry  2000 JUL
 The Peddlers - Comin' home baby  Ton  2002 MAR
 The best of Phonoanomalies for hi-fi bugs  Keith  2000 MAR
 Pink Shots  Ton S   Jonny Perl C  2002 JAN
 The playground in my mind  Cheryl  2002 NOV
 Poiseidon's Dream  Mark  2000 AUG
 Portal  Jerry  2002 APR
 Powerhouse/Batman T  Lou  2000 JUL
 Press the button  Marco  2001 MAR
 Project Comstock  2!  Philip  2001 APR
 Proto Novo Lounge  Geoff  2003 MAY
 Psychotronicgroovalisticultrafunkadocious  Peter R  2002 AUG
 Quiet Village  Kevin  2003 MAR
 The range of now (sometimes it skips)  Alan  2001 JAN
 The Redeye Trilogy - 1  Giovanni S   Citizen Kafka C  2001 JUN
 The Redeye Trilogy - 2  Giovanni S   Citizen Kafka C  2001 JUN
 Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide  Moritz  2004 JAN
 Rhapsodies for Ros  Ton S   Jonny Perl C  2002 JAN
 Ritmos de tropicalia  Cheryl  Brother Cleve C  2001 FEB
 The Robo Chicken  Moritz S   Achim Treu C  2003 MAR
 Ross's Twisted Hit Party!  2!  Ross  2001 NOV
 Ruff Pigz - Fighting, drinking, lechery and other songs for children  Ton S   Geoff C  2002 AUG
 Sayin' Nothing - the James Brown instros  2!  Giovanni  2002 JUN
 Schlagers - 3 Decades of German pop music  Moritz  2001 SEP
 Selling Records Sells Records!  Allan  2003 OCT
 Sex Machine (premature ejaculation)  Alan  2003 MAR
 Shimmy Shimmy: Songs by old Taiwanese & Chinese singers  2!  William  2003 NOV
 Siesta  2!  William  2003 JUN
 Small Memory  Keith  2002 JAN
 Snap crackle and pop  Bump  2002 FEB
 Something's comin' off tonight  Alan  2002 SEP
 Songs That Praise The South Sea Islands - Vol 1: Let's Do The Hula Hoop  Martin  2002 FEB
 Songs That Praise The South Sea Islands - Vol 2: Makin' Love Ukulele Style  Martin  2002 FEB
 The Sound Of Sitar  Giovanni S   Basic Hip C  2001 OCT
 Soundz of the Zodiac - Vol 1  Bump  2002 JUL
 The Southbound Route Trilogy  Giovanni  2003 OCT
 Souvenir 99  William  2000 MAR
 Souvenir 2001  William  2001 MAR
 Souvenir 2002  2!  William  2002 SEP
 Souvenir 2003  2!  William  2003 MAR
 Souvenir: Hawaii / Hawaiian Trilogy  Brad  2003 AUG
 Soy Sauce Music (Kevdo's Oriental Exotica)  Ton S   Kevin C  2001 APR
 Spooky G  Peter R  2000 OCT
 Stringy but chewy - "How much can you eat?"  Alan  2001 APR
 Strychnine  Allan  2004 JAN
 Suck a sour lemon  Alan  2003 MAR
 Sunny Mod Jazz / Just As Sunny Mod Jazz  Giovanni S   Brian Phillips C  2001 OCT
 The Sunny Sides  Giovanni  2003 FEB
 Sun Ra - Space Towers  Marco  2003 FEB
 Sunshine Reggae Classics  Moritz  2004 JAN
 Taking It Easy In Jamaica - Vol 1: Then  Giovanni  2001 NOV
 Taking It Easy In Jamaica - Vol 2: Now  Giovanni  2001 DEC
 Taking It Easy In Jamaica - Vol 3: Riddim Of Soul  Giovanni  2001 DEC
 Taking It Easy In Jamaica - Vol 4: Charts On The Beach  Giovanni  2002 JAN
 Tantric Textures  Laura  2003 MAR
 That's a party!  Ton  2003 APR
 26 Temptations  Vern  2001 FEB
 Them's the breaks  Cheryl  2001 JAN
 Tiki Exotica (Kevdo's Exotica)  Ton S   Kevin C  2001 APR
 Transpacific Three-Pack  Lou  2003 OCT
 Vanilla Fudge  Moritz  2002 OCT
 Vinyl For Secret Agent Radio Man  Johan  2003 JUL
 Vinyl: Threat or Promise?  Ross  2000 MAR
 What brings you the most joy?  Keith  2000 MAY
 What is good recorded sound?  Philip  2000 APR
 Wild West  2!  Moritz  2001 OCT
 The windmills of your mind  Moritz  2002 FEB
 In the wink of an eye  Vern  2000 MAR
 WJUL Cocktail Music  Domenic  2003 MAY
 De Wolfe @ Half Price  Johan  2003 JUN
 Words are all I have - Vols 1 & 2  Alan  2001 OCT
 You can even take your clothes off when you dance G  Larry  2000 JUN
 You, the night and the music  Brad  2000 MAR
 Z Patrol - Eye for an eye  Giovanni S   Jack Diamond C  2003 JAN

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